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Custom Manufacturing - Introduction

Leveraging resources for custom solutions
FutureFuel is a major supplier of custom and fine chemicals. As our chemicals business maintains focus on specialty products and invests in new capabilities, we continue to develop new processes and products and use our emerging and historical technologies to manufacture custom products for our customers. Utilizing our existing technologies and production capabilities in conjunction with our top of the line staff of researchers, engineers and technologists, we provide services not offered by many other customer and fine chemical providers.

"Right-Size" manufacturing
Providing high quality products in quantities from grams to railcars is FutureFuel's heritage. With more than 30 years of batch manufacturing experience, FutureFuel's Custom Manufacturing business offers expertise in developing and manufacturing organic chemicals while focusing on providing top-flight service to our customers. We routinely scale-up processes from the laboratory to commercial manufacturing including both batch-wise and continuous processing. If smaller quantities are needed for market development, we can provide material to support your product growth at each stage of market development.

Ready to meet your needs
Whether your immediate need is a unique business solution, process scale-up, or an extension of your manufacturing line, FutureFuel is ready to discuss how we can serve you with both fine and custom chemical manufacturing capabilities.